Audiophiles: Question about speaker polarity?

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Audiophiles: Question about speaker polarity?

Příspěvekod MichaelSmith » stř 27. čer 2018 12:46:37


So, quick (hopefully) couple of questions about speakers and polarity. Now, I come from an electrical background and I know in basic terms, AC polarity is mostly irrelevant, and DC power is VERY relevant. I've never understood about how speakers even work since everything I'm used to comes down to amps, volts, and ohms to calculate watts. Over the years I've gotten that glazed look when people try to explain why an 8ohm resistance is better than a 4ohm resistance, and that volts and amps have nothing to do with speaker wattage.
So, here are my questions:
1: Can someone please explain to me, in electrician terms (not electronics terms) how a speaker works and why?
2: What happens when the polarity is backwards? The speakers still work, so what's the difference?
3: To a non-audiophile, does it really make enough of a difference that I'd even notice?

Please help.

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Re: Audiophiles: Question about speaker polarity?

Příspěvekod Raito » úte 02. dub 2019 11:52:37

This is well explained here I think:

In my own experience, I tried to switch the polarity too and didn't notice any difference but just not mess up with some dark magic I always prefer to connect speakers correctly :lol:
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